As AI and ML continue to advance in the realm of advertising, algorithms are reshaping the competitive landscape, leading to a scenario where the words of Syndrome from “The Incredibles” ring true: “when everyone’s super, no one will be“. 

Much like superheroes with equal powers lose their uniqueness, the proliferation of AI and ML tools in advertising is causing a levelling down in the competition, blurring the lines between great advertisers and the rest. In this narrative we’ll explore how the rise of AI and ML disrupts the traditional advertising dynamics and challenges the notion of greatness in the industry.

The Power of AI & ML in Advertising

How AI and ML are Shaking Up the Advertising Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are not just buzzwords – they’re revolutionising the advertising game. By analysing vast amounts of data, algorithms can now predict consumer behaviour with uncanny accuracy. This means ads are more targeted than ever, reaching the right eyes at the right time. It’s like having a crystal ball that tells you exactly who wants to buy your product, sometimes even before the potential customer knows it themselves. 

But it’s not just about precision: AI and ML are also making advertising more efficient. They’re automating the grunt work, from bid adjustments to A/B testing, freeing up humans to tackle more creative aspects. The result? A shift in how campaigns are run, who runs them, and the level of success they can achieve. Needless to say, those who master these tools are the new titans of the industry.

Syndrome’s Prediction

Remember what Syndrome in “The Incredibles” said? That’s a bit what it feels like in advertising today. With AI and ML democratising the ability to craft hyper-targeted, efficient advertising campaigns, the edge that once came from proprietary insights or hefty ad budgets is eroding. 

This is great for competition, but it also means that standing out in the market is tougher than ever. It’s not enough to just use AI and ML, you have to use them smarter, better, and more creatively. The key to being “super” in this new age isn’t just about having the powers – it’s about how you use them.

Levelling the Playing Field

The thing about algorithms is they don’t care who you are – a giant corporation or a small indie brand, they work the same. This neutrality is what’s levelling the advertising playing field. With AI and ML, small businesses can access the same sophisticated targeting and optimisation capabilities that were once the exclusive domain of companies with deep pockets. 

Algorithms analyse data and optimise ad spend, ensuring that even limited budgets are used in the most effective way possible. This means a fairer fight in the advertising arena: companies of all sizes can now make informed decisions driven by data, not just gut feelings. 

For advertisers, this change means that success is less about who can shout the loudest and more about who can speak most directly to the customers’ needs and desires. It’s a new dawn for creativity and strategic thinking in advertising.

Implications for Today’s Advertisers

Navigating the New AI & ML Normal in Advertising

The “new normal” in advertising is a landscape where AI and ML are at the core of every strategy. For advertisers, this means rethinking traditional methods and embracing a data-driven approach. No longer can we rely solely on broad demographic targeting; it’s about understanding micro-moments and consumer intent. Personalisation is key, and AI helps by sifting through data to create individualised ad experiences at scale. 

But with every brand having access to these tools, the challenge is to add that extra layer of creativity and human insight that an algorithm can’t replicate. Advertisers must now focus on crafting stories that resonate, supported by the analytical power of AI to place those stories in front of the right people. 

Standing Out When Everyone’s Super

In the AI and ML market, relevance becomes the currency of competition. It’s no longer just about being seen; it’s about being seen by the right person at the right time with the right message. 

We illustrate this principle in action in our case study with Subito, showcasing a micro-targeting approach solely focused on the most relevant potential customers in the moments that mattered. Read more here:


As everyone gains access to superhero-like powers through AI, the true challenge is to stand out. This requires a deeper understanding of your audience, and also a tech stack to run the extra mile. 

The brands that thrive are those that use AI to enhance their unique voice rather than to blend in with the crowd. They find niches and underserved audiences, combine the analytical power of AI with strong creatives, build smarter campaigns – and cut through the noise, remaining relevant in a saturated market. 

Riding the AI & ML Wave in Advertising

Keeping pace with innovation in AI and ML isn’t just about adopting new technologies; it’s about fostering a culture that embraces change. Advertisers must be agile, ready to pivot strategies as new advancements emerge. The key to successfully riding the AI and ML wave is continuous learning and experimentation

Those who invest in understanding the nuances of AI-powered tools and integrate them seamlessly into their workflows will stay ahead. As AI and ML evolve, so too must the skill sets of marketing teams. 

This includes data literacy, analytical thinking, and a relentless focus on the customer experience. By staying inquisitive and open to the possibilities AI and ML offer, advertisers can not only keep up with the wave but also surf it to greater heights of success.