Since the summer of ‘16 we’ve been kicking arse when it comes to ppc awesomeness. Fresh from a 6 and a bit year stint rising through the ranks of Google, our founding father Gianluca decided to set up shop on his own. We’re not sure how this story ends yet but it’s been pretty epic so far.

Having worked with a ton of startups (including a few with CapitalG that are now doing rather well) there were several things that were always going to be central to life at Booster Box. These include a nerdy amount of data and cat videos. As well as globetrotting and becoming a product specialist for Google, it turns out Gianluca picked up some rather useful tricks of the trade. After running sales for a load of Google’s B2B products and consulting for international Adwords clients, he had the bright idea of starting a company for himself.

Thus, Booster Box was born.

Split between London and the coast of Tuscany, we’re breeding Booster Boxers at an epidemic rate. So far our strange species’ includes data scientists, developers, PPC experts and a few people who are pretty much impossible to categorise other than just awesome.

With strong startup vibes from day 1, Team Booster Box has been punching above its weight for the entirety of its youthful existence. We work hard and fast to solve new problems before most people even knew they existed. Because we have a beautifully unconventional array of minds, each with a remit to fly solo, we keep finding we’re ahead of the curve. Whatever the curve is.