Plan, manage and measure performance from ground-breaking angles

Tools and software to execute and analyse

masterful performance campaigns


Whether you’d like a powerful end-to-end view on your marketing, want to connect your first-party data to your advertising platforms for fueling algorithms, are looking for measurements to give answers to grow your business and allocate capital efficiently or leverage your ecommerce feed management to build up dynamic campaigns, we’ve got you covered.


A powerful end-to-end view on your marketing. Also have peace of mind that everything runs smoothly with the alert system running 24/7


Connect your 1st Party data to the advertising platforms to fuel the algorithms with smarter data. Optimise by Value and not Revenue and unleash the power of Audiences


Measurement built to give answers to grow your business. Allocate capital efficiently knowing exactly which channels contribute to performance


Feed management on steroids. Leverage thousands of products to build up dynamic campaigns on the fly


We call it R.I.T.A (Report Integrated Timely Alerting) and it allows having your entire marketing at your fingertips with the peace of mind of an alert system running 24/7.

Rita makes it possibile to find your most relevant KPIs, define goals and keep outcomes always in sight through a centralised dashboard. It’s a long, complex draw that links the relevant information from all channels to the report, making them actionable and visualising them easily and effectively.

RITA is within everyone’s reach: built in a proper manner so it’s easy to use for all levels of users within any team, and always on hand. Its quality promise is a reliable and anytime/anywhere accessible tool. No matter what.


Phybonaccy unlocks better understanding of who’s buying and groups the audiences in homogenous clusters for targeting users with the most relevant ads. It makes it possibile to highlight the most valuable customers at specific funnel depth, also paving the way to profit-oriented data coming from advertising platforms to feed the algorithms, working towards budget allocation on margin rather than on return.


Davincy is the key to efficient capital allocation: via Incrementality Testing, it makes clear the expected outcome in incremental sales after allocating a certain capital on a specific digital channel.

Plus, with Marketing Mix Modelling it uses advanced statistical techniques to work with top-down, macro-level information, understanding and assessing the incremental value of investments thus forecasting the impact of future sets of tactics.


Galileo is an unfair advantage for your ecommerce which consists of feed management to reflect the dynamism of your inventory into hyper-personalised campaigns. It takes your inventory and builds an optimised feed which is then provided to Paid Search and Paid Social platforms. It also integrates data from your CRM and delivers a cutting-edge cluster analysis.


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