Once again we did some nerdy stuff that other people also think is rather cool. We’re pumped to announce we’ve been shortlisted for the Paid Search Technology of the Year in the UK Biddable Media Awards and we are a little bid proud of this.

The particular tech in question is a typo finder like no other, Mrs Fletcher – named after the nitpicking star detective of Murder She Wrote. It’s a python script which allows you to check whether your ad copy is riddled with errant typo’s or not! We created this script in order to meet one of Taboola’s needs, a main client of ours.

Taboola is one of the biggest players in the native advertising industry and its account structure is huge; meaning that checking ad copy manually is not simply tedious, but impossible. Jessica on the other hand, does this by comparing your ad copy with a master database of words sourced from the free online dictionary ‘Wiktionary’. The script then creates a Google Spreadsheet and sends the account manager an email alert in order to be review manually. This saves all of us a lot of time and headaches, we hope the judges see it our way too!

If you want to play with some of our other tech tools you can check them our in our Super Secret Stash of Scripts.