Super Secret SCripts

Here be automations

How to use our scripts


Python Scripts
  1. Download Python from the official website here:
  2. Download the whole folder from our Google Drive link below. You might want to put it on your desktop for now and rename the folder once it’s been unzipped.
  3. Open up Terminal (Mac) or Command Prompt (Windows)
  4. Go to your local folder with “cd” command. If you have put the folder on your desktop type “cd desktop” then “cd folder name”
  5. Install python libraries with “pip install -r requirements.txt”
  6. More details on how to use each script, open up the script (in a text editor will do) and you can see instruction within the code file that have been “commented” out.
  7. Fire up the scripts!


Google Ads Scripts
  1. Copy and paste the script into Google Ads Script Editor
  2. Update any necessary variables as explained in the body of the script
  3. Authorise and run!