Where Were We?

In our recent exposition, we shed light on the imminent changes and introduced the complexities of Consent Mode. We promised a comprehensive guide, and here it is: a detailed exploration, a deep dive into the technical intricacies to navigate Consent Mode V2 effectively.

Quick Recap: Consent Mode V2

Let’s recall it – Consent Mode unveils two distinct options:

Consent Mode Basic

  • Collects only consented users’ events (privacy-focused)
  • Limited conversion modelling capabilities based on a general model

Consent Mode Advanced

  • Collects both consented users’ and anonymised events from unconsented users
  • Maximised conversion modelling capabilities based on your own conversion and consent rates
  • Modelled user metrics available in GA4 reports

How to Pick the Right One? A comprehensive Guide

In the intricate landscape of Consent Mode V2, the journey begins with making the right choice tailored to your specific needs. Let’s embark on a detailed exploration to demystify the decision-making process and guide you through the labyrinth.

Understanding your Unique Needs

Effective and efficient decision-making requires a keen understanding of your current user consent flow and data collection setup. The path you choose should align seamlessly with your operational landscape, ensuring compliance with Google’s advertiser requirements slated for March 2024.

For the Novice

If you find yourself in the early stages, perhaps without a concrete strategy regarding your user’s consent preferences, fear not. The following options await your consideration:

  • Consent Management Platform (CMP)
    • Ideal for those who are yet to delve into user consent preferences
    • Provides a foundational approach to consent managemen
  • Consent Mode Basic (CM Basic)
    • A suitable choice for novices, focusing on collecting events from consented users
    • Offers a privacy-safe option with limited conversion modelling capabilities based on a general model
  • Consent Mode Advanced (CM Advanced)
    • Tailored for those exploring more advanced options in their consent journey
    • Collects both consented users’ events and anonymized events from unconsented users
    • Maximises conversion modelling capabilities based on your specific conversion and consent rates
    • Unleashes modelled user metrics in GA4 reports for a more comprehensive analysis

For the Privacy-First Mindset

If your ethos revolves around privacy-first principles, where control over data sharing is paramount, consider the following option:

  • Consent Mode V2 Basic (CMv2 Basic)
    • Designed for those prioritising privacy and stringent control over data sharing
    • Allows for the recovery of conversions based on industry standards
    • A prudent choice for those cautious about sharing data with Google for modelling purposes

For the Marketing Effectiveness Mindset

For those who see data as a powerful ally in enhancing marketing effectiveness, consider the following advanced option:

  • Consent Mode V2 Advanced (CMv2 Advanced)
    • Tailored for integration masters aiming to maximise data recovery from consent banners
    • Ideal for those seeking advanced functionalities for attribution and ad optimisation
    • Enables a strategic approach to leverage consent data for enhanced marketing effectiveness

Important Consideration: whilst anonymised events from unconsented users shared with Google do not contain user identifiers, it’s crucial to note that Google processes ad click IDs, which might be considered PII (personally Identifiable Information). Therefore, when contemplating the use of CMv2 Advanced, it’s essential to collaborate with your legal team and assess what data points are shared, thus ensuring alignment with your company’s internal policies and interpretation of privacy laws.

Your Roadmap to Success

In essence, selecting the right Consent Mode V2 option is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s a strategic decision intertwined with your organisational mindset and goals. Whether you’re a novice navigating the complexities for the first time, a staunch advocate of privacy-first principles, or a marketing-effectiveness lover (let us say in this case: it’s a match! lol), there’s a pathway tailored for you.

A More Technical Guide: Consent Mode Parameters

Consent Mode stands as Google’s chosen mechanism to ensure compliance with EEA users’ consent in their marketing platforms. Two new parameters, ad_user_data and ads_personalization, become mandatory on March 6th, 2024.


This crucial parameter serves as the gateway to controlling personal data collection for online advertising within the expansive Google ecosystem. Let’s unpack its intricacies:

  • Enable: The engine of online advertising fires on all cylinders, utilising enhanced conversions signals for platforms such as GAds, DV360, or SA360
  • Disable: A strategic choice for those prioritising privacy, where enhanced conversions take a back seat. In this scenario, the signals are not utilised for conversion matching or audience building


In the dynamic landscape of digital advertising, the power to enable or disable remarketing features and personalised advertising becomes a pivotal lever. Here’s a closer look:

  • Enable: Unleash the full spectrum of remarketing features within GAds, DV360, or SA360, crafting personalised advertising experiences for your audience
  • Disable: Exercise control over your advertising narrative by refraining from personalised remarketing. This choice ensures that personalised advertising with Google’s advertising products takes a back seat

March 6th, 2024: A Date with Compliance

Mark your calendars, for March 6th, 2024, these parameters transform from optional to mandatory, shaping the landscape of digital advertising compliance. The strategic decisions you make regarding ad_user_data and ads_personalization become integral components in the orchestration of your advertising symphony.

Your Compliance, Your Choice

As you stand at the crossroads of these two parameters, consider the strategic implications for your advertising strategy. The power to fine-tune the collection of personal data and curate personalised advertising experiences rests in your hands. March 6th, 2024, marks not just a date of compliance but a canvas for you to paint the future of your advertising narrative.

Technical Insights: API Updates and Changes

For users employing Google Ads or DV360 APIs, pivotal changes loom on the horizon. Add a consent parameter across all uploads for Call Conversions, Click Conversions, Customer Match, and Store Sales.

Google Ads API Changes

  • Call Conversions: Set Consent for each call conversion event at CallConversion.consent.
  • Click Conversions: Set Consent for each click conversion event at ClickConversion.consent.
  • Customer Match: Set Consent for each Customer Match job at CustomerMatchUserListMetadata.consent.
  • Store Sales: Set Consent for each Store Sales event at UserData.consent.

Strategic Considerations: Beyond Compliance

While these changes are imperative for compliance, they also offer an opportunity for strategic considerations. Each code change becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of your digital strategy, influencing how your data is utilised and harnessed for optimal results.

Our Tailored Packages for Navigating Privacy Changes

Yes, true: we introduced tailored packages designed to be your compass through the complexities of Consent Mode V2. As we delve into the intricacies of these packages, rest assured that each offering is meticulously crafted to not only ensure compliance but to elevate your data-driven marketing strategies.


Embark on a johiourney of heightened privacy standards with our Privacy Booster package. This comprehensive offering includes:

  • Privacy Tracking Audit: A meticulous examination of your existing privacy tracking mechanisms to identify gaps and ensure a robust foundation
  • CMP Implementation: If you haven’t embraced a Consent Management Platform (CMP) yet, fret not. We guide you through the implementation process, ensuring your platform aligns seamlessly with your privacy goals
  • Consent Mode V2 Integration: The heart of this package lies in the integration of Consent Mode V2. We assist you in implementing this advanced mechanism, ensuring your data collection aligns with the evolving landscape of privacy requirements
  • For those without a CMP: If you find yourself without a CMP, our expertise extends to implementing a cookie banner and integrating consent mode. Additionally, we optimise consent settings in Google Tag Manager (GTM), aligning every data-sharing aspect with your company’s privacy policy


Already equipped with a CMP? Our Consent Mode Setup package is tailored to seamlessly integrate Consent Mode V2 with your existing setup. This package includes:

  • Privacy Tracking Audit: A holistic examination of your current privacy tracking mechanisms to identify potential areas of enhancement
  • Consent Mode V2 Integration with Existing CMP: Leveraging your current Consent Management Platform, we guide you through the integration of Consent Mode V2, ensuring a harmonious coexistence
  • Consent Settings Optimisation in GTM: We go a step further by optimising consent settings in Google Tag Manager (GTM). This ensures that every interaction aligns with your company’s privacy policy, fostering a transparent and trustworthy environment


For those who have already embraced both a CMP and Consent Mode, our V2 Upgrade package is tailored for an elevated compliance experience. This comprehensive offering includes:

  • Privacy Tracking Audit: A detailed examination of your existing privacy tracking mechanisms, identifying areas for optimisation
  • Upgrade to Consent Mode V2: Embrace the future of consent with a seamless upgrade to Consent Mode V2, ensuring your strategies align with the latest privacy standards
  • Integration with Existing CMP and Cookie Banner: We guide you through the integration process, ensuring a smooth transition and coexistence with your current Consent Management Platform and cookie banner
  • Consent Settings Optimisation in GTM: Elevate your consent settings in Google Tag Manager (GTM), ensuring every data-sharing practice aligns seamlessly with your company’s privacy policy

Beyond Compliance – We’re Your Strategic Partners

Alright, we’ve bombarded you with technical intricacies, making everything look as techy-pretty and advanced as a rocket launch at NASA. Nerds? That’s our nickname here at Booster Box – we’re the scientific, data-driven-and-dangerous crew. 

Now, let’s not forget the nerds-but-not-too-much, we have content creators too (hello!). If this overload of tech wizardry feels like deciphering a secret code in an alien language, we get it. Not everyone wants to dive into the depths of Consent Mode V2 alone – plus, we promise we can translate this from alien to human, so you might want to reach out to our “alien to human translators” that we like to call “Privacy and Analytics Team”.  

So, if the technicalities have your head spinning faster than a gyroscope, and the thought of handling it yourself is as appealing as a root canal, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Our privacy and analytics team is standing by, just one click away (this sounds weird, isn’t it? Let’s leave it the way it is tho, adding a pinch 🤏 of peperoncino 🤌). 

Our nerdy, technical scientists of privacy and tracking are eagerly waiting to swoop in and save the day. Don’t be shy – whether you’re drowning in data or just need a helping hand to navigate these stormy privacy waters, we’ve got the expertise to throw your way. Take a deep breath, summon your inner geek (well, or not!), and let’s conquer Consent Mode V2 together: