Ah, love! It’s a mysterious, enchanting force that can make our hearts skip a beat. But what if we told you that we’ve found a Matchmaker that can bring together not hearts, but rather audiences? Yes, you heard it right! At Booster Box, we’ve crafted a tool called “Matchmaker” that plays Cupid with your social media campaigns

But before we dive into the depths of this love story, let’s set the stage with a little background.

The Battle of the Broad Audiences

Well, casting a wide net doesn’t always result in the best catch. 

The world of online advertising is a battlefield, and in this epic clash of algorithms and advertisers, a fierce war is being waged for the attention of users. At the helm of this battleground stands the all-powerful Meta (formerly known as Facebook), a force to be reckoned with, armed with its sophisticated algorithms and vast user base. But alas, even giants have their weaknesses, and in this case, it’s their soft spot for broad audiences.

Meta’s algorithms tend to favour broad audience targeting, encouraging advertisers to reach as many users as possible. It’s as if they believe that the more small fish they catch, the higher the chances of finding the lunker – relevant users. And who can blame them? After all, when Meta suggests these broad audiences during campaign creation, it’s like a siren’s call, luring advertisers towards the promise of expansive reach and potential conversions.

But here’s the thing: while these broad audiences may initially seem enticing, they come at a cost – soaring CPMs and a lingering uncertainty about whether we’re truly reaching the users who matter most. It’s like buying a jumbo-sized bag of crisps, only to discover that most of it is air – a relatable experience, isn’t it? 😏. Oh, the dilemma!

Pleasing the Algorithm and Our Clients

The delicate art of pleasing both the algorithm and our beloved clients: it’s like trying to juggle plates of spaghetti while riding a unicycle – a feat that, as Italians, we might have some inherent talent for, but let’s face it, not everyone can pull it off! Sorry 🤷

But don’t fret! For at Booster Box, we are not only a loving and caring agency made of wonderful human beings, but also a resourceful one. In the face of this daunting juggling act, we rolled up our sleeves and set out on a mission to find a solution that would satisfy both the algorithm’s hunger for broad audiences and our clients’ desire for cost efficiency and relevant targeting.

Imagine a skilled circus performer (decked out in their finest Italian attire – of course 💃🕺), gracefully balancing plates of spaghetti on each hand, their unicycle spinning beneath them. It’s a mesmerising sight that captivates both the algorithm and our clients. And that’s exactly what the Matchmaker does – it performs a magical dance, combining the art of audience targeting with the science of algorithm whispering.

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Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Find Me an Audience

Booster Box’s Matchmaker is here to save the day, armed with its power of automation and time-saving abilities. It’s your own personal cupid, but instead of arrows, it shoots out precise audience recommendations. With the Matchmaker by your side, finding the perfect audience for your campaigns becomes a breeze, like discovering a match made in marketing heaven.

The Matchmaker streamlines the process of finding niche, smaller audiences with lower CPMs. It’s a personal assistant who scours the digital realm, sifting through the data to uncover hidden gems that align perfectly with your campaign goals. The Matchmaker takes the guesswork out of audience targeting, allowing you to focus on crafting captivating content and strategies.

And there’s more: Matchmaker doesn’t stop at finding audiences directly related to your initial topic. Oh no, it’s far more versatile than that. This clever tool has a knack for uncovering audiences that may not have an obvious connection but are still incredibly relevant to your target users. 

Just imagine running a Matchmaker campaign focused on second-hand and sustainability themes. While exploring the depths of audience possibilities, you might stumble upon interests like Marie Kondo, Bargain Hunt, Parents of small children, and Recently Moved. It’s like discovering a treasure trove of audience segments you never even knew existed. The Matchmaker opens doors to new avenues of engagement, allowing you to connect with users who might have otherwise remained out of reach.

Say goodbye to mundane, one-size-fits-all audiences and hello to a world of diverse possibilities. Let the Matchmaker be your guide, and together, we’ll uncover audiences that are not only relevant but also have the potential to fall head over heels in love with your offerings.

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Unveiling the Wizard Behind

You’re expecting the entire magic of Matchmaker to be revealed, right? *evil laugh*

Well we won’t. And we can’t, because there’s no magic, just the hard work and blood and sweat and tears – wait, this is getting a bit too emotional – just the magnificent competency of our nerdy developers, data scientists, project managers and media operations specialists. Still, we can’t send you to bed without supper – we just said we’re loving and caring – so let’s pull back the curtain and take a peek at  Matchmaker

To embark on your Matchmaker adventure, all it takes is a simple list of keywords related to your target audience. Again, imagine you’re a client who specialises in the exciting realm of second-hand buying and selling (we have some, but any reference is purely coincidental). In this case, your keyword arsenal might include gems like “Second-hand shopping”, “Vintage shopping”, “Thrift store”, and “Used book”.

Matchmaker, poised with its digital bow, takes aim and shoots forth its arrows of algorithmic precision to generate a comprehensive set of Similar Audiences. These Similar Audiences exhibit a remarkable level of alignment with the initial concept, yet their sizes can vary significantly, ranging from a few users to millions worldwide or tens of thousands. In addition, the Matchmaker provides a curated list of Suggested Audiences, encompassing interests, behaviours, and demographics that may appeal to users interested in second-hand selling and buying, even if not directly linked.

To refine and optimise the generated audiences, our team of skilled media operations specialists takes charge. They swiftly evaluate and narrow down the initial lists to ensure relevance and an adequate scale. Moreover, the Matchmaker offers the capability to create audience clusters, enabling a comparative analysis of performance among various audience segments.

Through this meticulous screening process, we are able to identify the most fitting and substantial audiences for your campaigns. Our media ops specialists leverage their expertise to strike the perfect balance between audience specificity and reach, ensuring the delivery of impactful and cost-effective campaigns. By tailoring the final audience list, we unlock the potential to engage with users who possess a genuine interest in your offerings, maximising the effectiveness of your advertising initiatives.

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Through our Matchmaker tool, we have revolutionised campaign efficiency by effectively engaging the desired audience while keeping Meta’s algorithm highly responsive. It’s a match made in marketing heaven! So, say goodbye to generic audiences and hello to newfound precision and cost-effectiveness. Let the Matchmaker be your digital Cupid, guiding your campaigns to success.

Remember, in this digital age, finding love is no longer confined to the realms of romance. With Booster Box’s Matchmaker, you can discover the perfect match for your social media campaigns. As the saying goes, “All you need is love” … and a clever tool to target your audience – with a dash of wit and a sprinkle of humour!