Some will say that it is the taking part that counts, and doing your best is what matters. But nevertheless there were 5 hearts on the line at the Global Agency Awards last week and the winner was going to take it all.

We don’t usually buy into a “winner takes it all” mentality, as we value all efforts. But we guess that’s easy to say when you have just won PPC AGENCY OF THE YEAR 2022 at the Global Agency Awards of Don’t Panic Events! Judges praised our “unique solutions” that delivered positive results and big revenue accomplishments. 

The Global Agency Awards recognise and reward agencies who are transforming businesses through innovative, engaging strategies across multiple types of marketing media. Judges were looking for an agency who got to know their clients’ brand and vision and created a strategy to maximise their influence and dominate the market. They always want to ensure they award the best in the business and so evaluate measurable added value and growth, impact and excellence.

Considering this criteria and our competition, it is an absolute honour for us to be acknowledged as top of the class, among the most innovative and forward-thinking agencies around the world! We are grateful that this will raise international awareness of Booster Box’s leading position in our sector. By recognising the hard work and achievements of our team, it also nurtures Boosters’ morale, improves motivation and validates our hiring stature among new recruits. 

Talking about People, they really are our “secret sauce”. This achievement would have not been possible without our great team of Boosters with their strong, technical backgrounds! They lead our highly quantitative approach and enable us to provide our clients with an unfair advantage in exceptionally competitive industries where tons of data is required. 

Alas, too often businesses based in non-typical locations have to deal with a trade-off where they “settle” for subpar talent and focus on local and smaller clients. Not us! We have been challenging the assumption that innovation should only be concentrated in places like London, Berlin, New York or San Francisco for the past 6 years and we won’t stop. 

Since 2016 we have grown quickly and today we are a team of 66 mathematicians, developers, PPC specialists and data scientists. Furthermore and importantly we are a multicultural and diverse team, hungry for growth, made up of 40% non-Italians with a 60/40 male to female ratio

Do you see what happens when you put 66 ambitious, happy marketers with a passion for performance marketing in one place – wherever it is? 😏