We always knew he was a hero, but now it’s official!

Gianluca has made it into the PPC Hero ‘Top 25 PPC Influencers 2018’ – pretty good going considering he founded Booster Box just over one year ago.

At #21 in the ranking, he joins some of the big cheeses in the digital marketing world, including one-time Google colleague Dan Gilbert of Brainlabs, Larry Kim of Mobile Monkey, Purna Virji of Microsoft and Ginny Marvin of Search Engine Land.

Once he’d finished his tantrum about not being #1, Gianluca commented

“My Mum always told me I was a hero, so I’m happy to finally be getting the celebrity status I deserve.”

The yearly PPC Influencer list acknowledges pioneers in the PPC arena; people who are always ahead of the game and trying to spread their knowledge throughout the digital marketing world.

It is decided partly by the judging panel looking at a nominee’s “Traditional Influence” (speaking engagements, publications, interviews, conferences etc), their Social Impact, and partly by public vote.

This year, Gianluca has lectured at various web marketing conferences, most recently at Pisa University, and is speaking at the Web Marketing Festival in June. He, along with the rest of the Booster Box team, was nominated for the Best Use of Data award at the UK Biddable Media Awards.

Follow him on Twitter – @ktzstyle – to see what’s next!

You can find the full Top 25 ranking here.