Just last week, on June 20th, we were standing on a stage accepting the Best Small PPC Agency of the Year award at the European Search Awards in Budapest. 

The European Search Awards, now in its 8th year, is an international competition that celebrates the very best in SEO, PPC, Digital and Content Marketing in Europe. Hundreds of entries from the leading search and digital agencies from across Europe were vying for top places. 

A few weeks earlier, Gianluca, our founding father, (who art in the office early)  secured second place in PPC Hero’s Most Influential Experts of 2019, so we were still riding that high when we went to the European Search Awards. 2019 has proven, and is still proving to be a successful year for us.

What made us win the Best Small PPC Agency award? Well, that’s an extremely long story…but to sum it up, we’re an unconventional company in an unconventional location: sunny Tuscany. Amidst hills, olive trees, and Spritz, we’re helping large international brands with their PPC. And we’re growing. Fast. In less than three years we’ve built a 24 person company and we keep growing. 

image result for search awards best small ppc agency“What’s your secret sauce?” you ask.  

Mayonnaise and relish mixed together and slathered liberally between two sesame seed buns. 


You mean, that secret sauce. 

Well, we always shoot for the moon, because even if we miss we’ll still be among the stars. And now, we are one of the stars. Yes, we’re small, but we try hard to punch above our weight.  Rather than focusing on local business, we are focusing on international clients with complex problems. Our talented team is incredibly focused and hard-working. Every day is a fresh opportunity to learn something new about familiar platforms, or to work on a tool that will automate a tedious process so we can focus on the highlights and insights that make our account management and performance shine. 

Who says that you have to be in foggy London or overly zig-zaggy San Francisco to build cutting edge marketing technology when the shores of the Mediterranean are calling and the sun is shining?