Skyrocketing page indexing rate with smart apis


Infojobs is the first privately owned career network in Europe and one of the most popular sites on the Internet, bringing professionals and recruiters together. The website was experiencing both very low rate and consistent delay on indexing, making job opportunities appear on SERP when position was already filled.

Therefore, the client needed a faster way of indexing which was first addressed by prioritising URLs submitting over showing it via sitemaps, still facing the critical amount of URLs to be handled on a daily basis. Our team at Booster Box prioritised APIs as the best approach to read URLs accurately and quickly by leveraging client’s data feed. We crafted the application using Python language, thus delivering high index rate and faster indexing within just 1 month

Pages optimised in one month timeframe


indexed pages


To guarantee short-lived job pages indexation before fullfillment, ensuring cost effectiveness and processing efficiency.


We used the InfoJobs data feed and batch processed all job URLs, crafting an API with Python programming language.



opportunity to explore more data processing capabilities


reliable data validity

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