EUREKA! We just gave life to a new, super-cool SEO script

We don’t use this Ancient Greek slogan lightly folks. We have recently found ourselves like a Columbus character, in the New World of Analytics. And even though we are best known as highly specialised performance marketing nerds, we like to be eclectic. So here we are today laying our claim to the title of Archimedes of SEO! Big claims we know, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we like to make a splash.

What’s the SEO deal?

Let’s get down to it. SEO (which stands for Search Engine Optimisation) aims to improve organic performance and traffic volume for anything findable online. Any SEO strategy worthy of its name should aim to increase; organic traffic, conversions (sales/leads) coming from organic searches and keyword rankings

At Booster Box we have a really, very serious SEO value chain. Well, serious is a big word. Let’s say a super-competent-and-ground-breaking value chain that is crafted to skyrocket our clients’ SEO metrics. Have a look for yourself:

  • Raise awareness
    We care about raising our clients’ awareness of how search engines work and the impact of SEO
  • Core services
    We make sure the website is SEO proof and in line with the latest search engines quality guidelines
  • Outreach
    We pull the best off-site practices out of the box, putting that out in the world to see

Yes, very clever. We know. It’s our favourite adjective after nerdy. But a pretty value chain by itself will not cut the mustard when it comes to SEO. SEO is a highly profitable marketing channel that requires unique and valuable content to be successful

To achieve this, you have to be technical – there’s no point in hiding this, sorry! Technical SEO is a crucial requirement and will increase the performance of any website content, simple as that! Without tech SEO in place, your content asset runs the risk of not being found. Beyond that, long-term success with organic search requires an effective combination of content creation & link acquisition, primarily through PR. 

A company forewarned is a company forearmed. You’re welcome. So, if this knowledge has motivated you enough, all you have to do is get in touch with us and leave all this crap to the experts.

seo ninja

What’s Booster Box’s BIG SEO deal?

So far, we’ve told you the basics. But we never rest on our laurels. We see ourselves as an integral part of our clients’ business, and strive to be a proactive source of ideas, operating as if it were our own business baby.

And if we own it, we rock it. We are always trying to create innovative SEO solutions for our clients to help them reach their goals most efficiently.

Achieving this requires a lot of behind the scenes work that our SEO nerds take care of, for the success of our clients’ websites. Research is an important part of the process. We use different tools to gather information and data and create a strategy and approach based on this. 

Wow, that sounds professional! It’s hard to believe we wrote it. But folks, while our tone is playful, we don’t play around when it comes to your business: we do performance marketing damn well. And SEO damn well. And Analytics damn well. And much more, but hey this is getting out of hand. 

Back to SEO, what does our SEO process look like? We run keyword research and mapping, competition analysis, performance reporting and tech SEO reporting. All very important processes – true. But maybe a little boring to read about in the abstract, so let’s explain this quickly:

  • Keyword research and mapping
    A vital stage that reveals crucial information needed to obtain a high rank in search engines and drive qualified traffic to the website
  • SEO brief
    A document that aligns everyone involved in content writing so they can understand the purpose of the content and what to include. A little secret just for you: this blog you are reading right now has been carefully crafted and reviewed to drive valuable organic traffic to it
  • Tech SEO
    Wow, big effort to save you from yawning here. This is a process of optimising websites for technical stuff like crawling, indexing, coverage, and other boring things. Let’s stop there
  • SEO performance report
    We’re dataists. We just can’t help ourselves. We’re always collecting that meaningful data, and we know how to sort it and extract the important information to provide quality ROI. As a bonus, you should see how marvellous these reports are. And they also monitor progress!

To accomplish all this work, we use many tools: SEM Rush, Google Search Console, Analytics, Trends and Keyword Planner, among others. This treasure trove of tools combined with manual research enables us to gather the right data to create the best strategy and approach for a specific client.

seo important

Booster Box as the Archimedes of SEO

Now you know almost everything about our SEO process, and might say “I couldn’t care less” (rrrrude!) BUT we’re at the most amazing and interesting part where we explain why we claim to be the Archimedes of SEO!

Let’s start with one truth: manual methods do not always save time or produce results. Plus, “Automation” is one of our core values because we are lazy and our mantra is “if you do a task more than three times a week, automate it”. 

Thanks to our laziness, we have automated most of the boring bits so we can focus on the fun part: driving impact. Life is already too short to spend hours and hours researching one keyword at a time, isn’t it?

This has been the case for many processes we have used in the past, especially when it comes to keyword creation. So, our super fun techy guys (fun & funny- they make us laugh, for real) put together a list of arguments for why we should automate part of the SEO process, and justify their laziness:

  • Keyword research is a time-consuming process
  • Manual methods can be inaccurate
  • Manual methods are not always the most efficient way to gather data
  • Manual methods can be difficult to scale

They were good arguments, so we decided to use the marketing automation power.

seo marketing automation

Automate the heck out of it

So a bunch of our favourite Booster Box brains got in a room together and surprise, surprise, came up with a solution that provides massive results and ensures a high-quality output

Booster Box’s SEO SCRIPT

We have created a unique script that is a fantastic tool for SEO, easy to use and provides results. This method, with thanks to SEMRush (which is used as part of the process, but that’s a secret recipe- sorry) will help our clients achieve their goals when it comes to SEO, and all the related marketing strategies. 

Our teams also created a how-to guide for running this script and its template autonomously, ensuring you can get the most out of our unique approach without even needing our guidance.

Heaven on earth, right?

We know what you’re expecting now- a beautiful button with a catchy call-to-action that will allow you to download this groundbreaking tool right now, no questions asked, yes?

If you answered; 

  1. Yes: Sorry darling. Our SEO nerds didn’t give us permission to do this. 
  2. No: wow, you really know how to manage your expectations ! Interesting. 

But not to worry, if you want to get your hands on our super cool SEO script, just get in contact with us, the Archimedes of SEO.


Last but not least

By the way, if you found yourself reading this post in the voice of Eureka O’Hara, you just won a free SEO assessment… with sequins and feathers of course.